4 Unique Benefits Businesses Are Offering

Changing Jobs? 4 Unique Benefits Businesses Are Offering

There are numerous factors to consider when looking for a new job. Perhaps you want a shorter commute, a smaller team or a higher salary. No matter which aspect is the most important to you, the company's benefits package should also be a priority. These four perks are just a few examples of the unique benefits businesses are offering that can greatly impact your life.


1. Financial Aid

One of the challenges of getting a higher education is paying off student loans. One report states that the average time for paying off loans for an undergraduate degree is 17-19 years

If you want to decrease that time, find a company that offers financial aid to employees. The details vary with each program, but they are ultimately designed to assist you with paying down your student loan debt.

Some businesses also pay for you to go back to school, keeping you from acquiring new debt while still pursuing educational goals. For example, perhaps you are seeking a degree in business management and want to take a course that teaches about change management practices used in the business world. Your employer may help pay for this course so long as it is applicable to your position.

If you find it difficult to fit classes into your schedule, online classes are a fantastic alternative. They are more flexible than traditional classes, making them much more accomodating for busy work and family schedules.  


2. Fitness Center Discounts

A healthy employee costs a business less than an unhealthy employee, using less sick time and having fewer health insurance claims. To encourage staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle, many companies offer fitness perks.

Some companies offer discounts on gym memberships, including boutique gyms like yoga, kickboxing and cycling. Others provide an onsite gym that gives employees the freedom to exercise during their work breaks. This can save the company money since there are no membership fees. 


3. Free Beverages and Food

If you constantly struggle to find time for breakfast during your morning routine or are always forgetting to pack a lunch, then you will greatly appreciate a company that gives free food and beverages to employees. This benefit saves workers time and money and keeps them energized throughout the day.

Some employers keep their kitchens stocked with water, soda and snacks. Others offer a wide range of food for daily meals, including cereal, sandwich fixings, instant meals and fruit. Some businesses take it a step further and order catered meals for workers on a regular basis.


4. Maternity and Paternity Assistance

The Family Medical Leave Act requires businesses to provide 12 weeks of unpaid time off for qualified mothers who have had a baby. However, many businesses are going above and beyond the FMLA and other state requirements. 

A number of companies provide additional time and pay for new mothers and fathers, from a few weeks to a few months. Similarly, extra time and pay are also offered to parents who are adopting a baby. Some businesses even assist with the financial costs of the adoption process.

Choosing a new job can be a life-changing decision, especially when you consider the variety of benefits companies now provide. By knowing what perks are available and what you would like included in your job offer, you can narrow the field to positions that more adequately meet your needs.


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